doterra essential oilsI have a 10 month old baby, and usually whenever I would do cleaning around the house I would make sure it was during nap time, because I didn’t want her breathing in the harmful chemicals that popular cleaners contain…I love DoTERRA because I can clean my house with peace of mind in knowing that we aren’t being exposed to chemicals. No need for the gloves and mask here!!

This is a simple DIY cleaning spray that’s perfect for kitchen countertops! Made with DoTERRA’S On Guard essential oil blend ( one of my personal all time favorite oils)

You will need a spray bottle, like this resize-71

 and Doterra’s CPTG On Guard essential oil c6a824de8730e35ed32cf8f30931f4fe

All you have to do is add 15-20 drops into the spray bottle and fill with water. Voila! Super easy, just make sure you shake it a bit before each use. You can find this oil plus many more On Guard products here


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