Purify your home with DoTERRA

I received Doterra’s Purify blend in my August Loyalty Rewards order, and wow, do I love it! I made a purifying room and fabric spray to replace Febreze, and I have also been adding 3-5 drops to the washer when I’m washing laundry. Can’t get enough of it! 0c4f5ab204f8fb05f7b391a1688e4fdaFor the room spray, I bought a small spray bottle that was $1 in the Target travel/to go isle. I added 15 drops of Purify, and 10 drops of Lavender then filled the rest with water ( Distilled is preferred) Voila! Just shake a bit before each use, and don’t stop at Lavender. You can use any oil you want to create a lovely smelling spray!







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